I just watched NBC’s Today Show do a hit job on President Trump ‘s alleged association with Russia- no surprise there.

In it, White House Correspondent Peter Alexander talked about the “deepening” scandal on “potential” information regarding Russia and Mr. Trump.  As he did so I kept wondering how that could be.

Maybe we come from different planets.  But on the one I inhabit, “potential” information neither establishes nor deepens a scandal.  Real information does.  And, after all this time, we have yet to see any.

But wait.  Let’s be fair.  After this hit job report, Today had a major politician on to present that person’s side of things.

So it must have been a key Republican to provide the other side of the story, right?

Wrong.  This is NBC’s Today Show.  It was Nancy Pelosi, to push Today’s one-sided “report” even further.  No other side of the story at all.

This is what Donald Trump and his administration are up against.

It is not news.

It is not fair.

It is, however, the reason that someone like me, who did not support Donald Trump and is extremely concerned about a Trump presidency finds himself constantly defending the man.

I have no doubt that there are many, many other people like me.

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