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The group you will read about below is “satirical”.   At least as of now.

Excerpted from Pardes Seleh\’s article at

The Black Lives Matter movement at the University ofCalifornia, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is officially being challenged by a new rivalcampus group, the UCSBWhite Student Union (WSU).

In response to aseries of “black-out” demonstrations last week at UCSB and collegecampuses nationwide calling for “solidarity withMizzou” black students, the UCSB WSU decided to form its own antithetical “White Student Walk Out” calling for “solidarity” with white students.

“Join us as we walkout of our classes at 12:30 PM to show solidarity for our brothers and sistersof European descent,” the Walk Out event description reads. “We will march out(preferably chanting something inspiring on the way out) and meet outside ofthe UCSB MultiCultural Center where we will respectfully voice our complaints.We ask that only self-identified white students and allies join us.”

A growth of studentshave been supporting the satirical WSU movement, as evident by the exponentialgrowth of WSU clubs on college campuses over the past couple of days. Studentsare demonstrating, using parody in the form of a white student club, howdivisive the black separatist movement really is.

Right now, what you just read is nothing more than a goof on the part of some college students.  

But, as #blacklivesmatter and its pals take over school after school, demanding segregation (yes, segregation), demanding exemption from punishment for anything they do that would get other students suspended or expelled, maybe prosecuted, and refusing to allow media coverage unless it is guaranteed to be favorable….

….is there any doubt that real groups which are serious about White rights are going to pop up.

The #blacklivesmatter racists may not like this, but ALL lives really do matter.  It stands to reason, therefore, that when college after college knuckles under to their “Blacks count more than anyone else” demands, non-Blacks are eventually going to react.  

And if/when they do, will mainstream media call real White Student Unions racist groups?  What the eff do they think #blacklivesmatter is?
Do you need me to tell you this ugly racial separatism is disastrous, and must be stopped?

It would be nice if someone in government – say, our President or the leading Democrat presidential candidate – stood up, condemned this racism and hatred, and demanded that all people be treated the same.

When do you figure that will happen?

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