…I apologize to you if you’re having trouble doing so.

I am being inundated with spam garbage mostly from women’s handbag and sunglass sites – almost all of which are about 750 – 900 words long, and have numerous links to the products.

They all have “screen names” which, in reality, are just random combinations of about 10 letters (and change slightly each time.  The web sites also change slightly each time, even though the products are the same.

The idea, evidently, is that you are supposed to start reading the gibberish within them, notice the links to product web sites, click on one or more of them and buy something.

Please don’t.

I am new to this system, and unaware of how I can get rid of this impossible scourge of garbage…but will be communicating with my host today to find out if there is a way.

The biggest offenders:

-michael kors

-luis vuitton



There are others, but these are the most frequent.

I hope to rid the blog of them very quickly.  Sorry, again, for any problems this causes real readers.


UPDATE:  My host, the lovely Kristen, tells me this problem is now either mostly or completely fixed.  Thanks, Ms. K!!

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  • Testing…to see whether the “plug-in” that is supposed to get rid of spam is allowing normal people (to the extent I qualify) to make comments. Happy to report that it is. Problem apparently solved….I think.

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