Hard though it might seem to believe, there are people who call themselves journalists floating the premise that, yeah, the Clinton campaign bought and paid for Fusion GPS to have a dossier of potentially damaging information against Donald Trump put together, but Hillary Clinton herself didn’t know about it.

I could write paragraphs finishing the sentence started in this blog’s title.  I could write, for example, …you’d have to believe she didn’t notice and/or didn’t care about a cool $5.6 – 12 million dollars (depending on which report you believe) paid to the campaign’s law firm.  I could write …you’d have to believe nobody mentioned anything about it to her or the people around her who would have passed it on.  I could write a lot more as well.

But I’ll leave it at this:  to believe Hillary Clinton did not know about the dossier, you’d have to believe that either she never, during the entire campaign, asked “what have you got on Trump that I can use?” or that, if she did ask, no one mentioned the dossier.

To believe that, you would have to have the IQ of an underripe rutabaga.

End of blog.

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