Did you ever hear of an organization called Unite The Country?

I didn’t, until about 10 minutes ago, when I saw their amazingly dishonest commercial, in which it accused President Trump of:

-Calling COVID-19 a hoax (a lie);

-Eliminating the Pandemic Response Team (a lie)

-Letting COVID-19 spread, unchecked, across America (a lie – as anyone who has paid attention to Mr. Trump’s actions over these months inherently knows).

So who/what is this “Unite The Country” organization, that tosses lie after lie about President Trump?

if you go to, you find that….

….it is a Joe Biden website.

Unite The Country claims not to be authorized by any candidate or party.   This, I assume, is supposed to boob-bait some people into believing it is a benevolent, non-partisan entity.

But – again – it is a Joe Biden website.  It is specifically dedicated to electing Joe Biden president.  And if you go to Theodoric Meyer and Magger Severns’ article at, you find that it was started by -surprise, surprise – “a former Joe Biden aide” and seveal other high-profile Democrat operatives.

Larry Rasky, who worked on two of Biden’s previous presidential bids, is listed as the treasurer for the new pro-Biden group. Several other high-profile Biden supporters — including Florida operative Steve Schale, a Barack Obama campaign alumnus who was involved in efforts to draft Biden into the 2016 presidential race; Mark Riddle, a Democratic operative; and Julianna Smoot, Obama’s former national finance director — have also been in talks to lead the super PAC.

So what we have here is a bunch of Democrat/Biden operatives trying to convince you they aren’t, and putting out lie after lie in their BS commercial…

…which was aired on this morning’s Today show – and, I have no doubt, other media as well.  No problem at all about the lies.  This is against Trump, you see.

Do not expect this to be the last such BS-a-thon posted by these people.  And do not expect them to hold anything back because we are in the midst of a true national and international crisis, when the last thing anyone should do is play politics with it.

They don’t give a damn about that.  They’ll do it anyway.  And I have little doubt that most media are perfectly fine with them doing it as well.

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