Yesterday was the fourth annual “Woman’s March”.

And the attendance seems to have, again, dropped precipitously.

How far has it fallen?

-The first year (2017, President Trump’s first year in the White House) estimates were in the 3.3-5.3 million range.  Huge.

-In 2018 it dropped to 1.9 – 2.6 million.  Very large, but nothing like 2017.

-In 2019, it was down to an estimated 676,000 – 747,000.  Oops.

I have yet to see numbers for yesterday’s marches, but I would bet that there is another major drop – partly due to the terrible weather in several of the major cities where they took place, but also because interest/enthusiasm for this march has, again, dropped off significantly.

The one article I’ve read –  from the Associated Press, via NBC News – tells me, among other things, that:

Hundreds showed up in New York City and thousands in Washington, D.C. for the rallies, which aim to harness the political power of women, although crowds were noticeably smaller than in previous years. Marches were scheduled Saturday in more than 180 cities.

Several thousand came out for the protest in Washington, far fewer than last year when about 100,000 people held a rally east of the White House. 

Is it just the weather?  Or that women have wearied of this event?  Or that it has been dogged by overt anti-Semitism (which caused several of its leaders to be dumped)?  Beats me.

But what I do know is that what started as an amazing display of concern/anger/whatever, has quickly diminished into a shell of its former self.

More on attendance as the reports come in.


UPDATE:   I’ve done some looking, and can’t find any estimates of the overall attendance for this year’s women’s March.

If it had been good news,  I doubt I would have had any problem finding it.

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  • Whewn wqill women have the same rights as men in this country? When will laws be changed so women are no longer oppressed by them? When will freedom of speech and the right to assemble be afforded to the oppressed women in the USA? When will all the rights men have be bestowed to women? It just isn’t fair—- What? They already do? Oh, well never mind.

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