NYT CartoonThat is President Trump, wearing a yarmulke, blind, being led by a dog with Benjamin Netanyahu’s face, wearing a Jewish star.

If julius streicher were still alive he would have proudly published this in Der Stürmer.  But, instead, there it is in the New York Times.

Here is Donald Trump Jr.’s reaction, as reported in Kyle Morris’s article at

Donald Trump Jr.


Disgusting. I have no words for flagrant anti-Semitism on display here. Imagine this was in something other than a leftist newspaper?

He is absolutely correct.

And, if you use the link I’ve provided, Mr. Morris provides a number of other shocked, and sickened, reactions.

The New York Times hates Donald Trump, hates Benjamin Netanyahu and has never been a friend of Israel.  How nice of the paper to pick a Jewish holiday, Passover, to remind us of this.

Last year I canceled my subscription to The Times after having it delivered to my home for 45 years.

I couldn’t be happier about that decision.

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  • And this is why we Americans can be great again. Our constitutional freedom to talk it out. Tragically, Hopelessly Partisan would not have appeared more than once in German media during the 1930s.

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