I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech.  I therefore believe people have every right to speak out about their demands to boycott, divest and sanction when it comes to Israel.

But I also believe it is worth knowing what emanates from Israel that would be boyotted, divested (i.e. unfunded) and subject to those sanctions.

Here is another in the series of advances which emanate from Israel, for BDS crowd to clamp down on – this one supplied from a list compiled at (the entire list is available by clicking here):

Aesthetic Medicine

ESC Medical Systems Ltd. – electro-optic medical devices applying proprietary pulsed light technology, for non-invasive treatment of skin cancer, benign lesions, as well as for treatment of varicose veins, skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

SOL-GEL Technologies Ltd. – glass microcapsules containing UV absorbers increase sunblocking by allowing admixture of otherwise incompatible ingredients to maximize photostability and efficacy, and form a layer on but without chemicals contacting the skin.

To the people committed to BDS:  do you have these forms of cancer?  Know anyone who does?  Be sure to tell them not to use the technology described above.

Hey, a boycott is a boycott.

To be continued…

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