I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech.  I therefore believe people have every right to speak out about their demands to boycott, divest and sanction when it comes to Israel.

But I also believe it is worth knowing what emanates from Israel that would be boyotted, divested (i.e. unfunded) and subject to those sanctions.

Here is another in the series of advances which emanate from Israel, for BDS crowd to clamp down on – this one supplied from a list compiled at (the entire list is available by clicking here):

Israeli High-Tech Developments Are Used Around the World

Many offices now have computerized phones that plug into the Internet, taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. VocalTec Communications of Herzliya, Israel, developed the first practical Internet phone software. Similarly, those who enjoy chatting with friends over the Internet might be interested to know that this online phenomenon originated in Israel. Although the technology now belongs to AOL, Israel’s Mirabilis developed the first popular Internet chat program, ICQ.

Every day, millions of Americans watch online streaming video for entertainment or educational purposes. Metacafe, the world’s third-most-popular video sharing website, was founded in Israel. Likewise, tech-savvy Americans over age 30 remember the original IBM Personal Computer of the early 1980s. What they may not know is that its brain, the Intel 8088 processor, was developed by Intel’s Israel division. More recently, the Pentium M series of processors for laptop computers using the Intel Centrino platform, as well as some of Intel’s latest processors (Yonah, Merom, Woodcrest), were also designed by Intel Israel. In addition,’s Kindle e-reader owes much of its success to technology developed in Israel.

To the people committed to BDS:  please let me know if/when you intend to use this technology for entertainment, to read a book, or just to make phone calls.  Then I can remind you that you’re supposed to be boycotting its use – developed in Israel, you see.

But since using this technology is a no-no, maybe I’ll just yell my warning out loudly, in hopes you can hear it.  Or maybe we can use two dixie cups and a long string.

Still think that BDS thingie’s a good idea?

To be continued…

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  • If they were successful it would also ensure life saving and planet saving technology of the future won’t be invented.

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