They always seem to come in threes

How terribly sad.

On the heels of suicides by Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, we now find out that the brilliant, Pulitzer prize winning author and commentator, Charles Krauthammer, has just a few weeks to live.

Today, Mr. Krauthammer has gone public with what he tells us is his losing fight with cancer.

As a political analyst, Mr. Krauthammer has always been right a great many more times than he has been wrong.  I can only hope this time the probabilities will be running in reverse.


  • KEY EVIDENCE GOES MISSING: Server Belonging to Wasserman Shultz IT Worker Imran Awan Is Physically Stolen from Congress

    The Democratic Caucus server, which had been identified by the inspector general as ground zero of the suspicious activity, had disappeared at that time.

    Three senior government officials with knowledge of the situation told the Daily Caller News Foundation last year that it had been physically stolen.

  • Why is the Capitol Police leading the investigation into Awan and his band of thieves? This is a scandal of epic proportions and REAL national security concerns and its being led by the agency in charge of directing tourists around the rotunda! Missing server,5,000 unauthorized intrusions and a year and a half with nary an indictment……..WHY?

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