Apropos of nothing political….

I just read an article that talked in glowing terms about the Yankees\’ relief staff.  But then I made the mistake of also reading this comment, from someone using, appropriately enough, the screen name “Bronx”. 

As a long, long time Yankee fan I have to admit I found it more than a little disheartening:

Theseare the returning starters for the 2015 Season, and how many inningsthey pitched last year.

Tanaka-     136.1

Capuano-   97.1

Pineda-      76.1

CC-            46.0

Nova-         20.2

Allcoming back from some type of injury. Except Capuano who is the worseof the bunch even when he is healthy. How can the Yanks expect to goanywhere with these guys? The relief guys are going to have moreinnings pitched than the starters. Playoffs, did you say Playoffs?

I wish he didn\’t have a point.  But, sad to say, he does.  A really good one.

Well, if he\’s right…….maybe my grandson can teach me how to play Minecraft this summer.

Ok, back to politics, where most of the participants are non-starters, and there is no relief from them at all.

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