I have been calling Donald Trump “The world’s richest barroom loudmouth” (and, more recently, “The world’s most powerful barroom loudmouth” for a long time.

And his gratuitously insulting tweet about Joe Biden, after Biden – either accidentally, or “accidentally on purpose”- made a comment some took to be an advance notice that he will be declaring himself a candidate for the presidency, is a classic reason why.

Here is Trump’s tweet:

Donald J. Trump


Why?  WHY?

What purpose does a personal insult like that serve, other than to make Donald Trump look small/childish/immature, and open him up to a return attack by his many detractors…who will be more than happy to oblige?

Yes, answering in kind will put them in the same sandbox as Trump.  But no one will forget that Trump started it.

This is not clever strategy.  It is elementary school-quality behavior that makes him look ridiculous.

When will he ever learn?

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