With a major tip of my imaginary hat to Stanley Kurtz, writing for National Review, here is an abbreviated look at the week on college campuses around the country.  Please click here to read Mr. Kurtz’s entire piece, which fleshes out all the details:

Thursday, October 5: The briefest shout-down of the week may have been the most ominous. Students at Columbia University stormed into a class on sexuality and gender law to protest its instructor, Suzanne Goldberg. Goldberg is both a professor of law and Executive Vice-President of the Office of University Life.

 Friday, October 6: University of Oregon President Michael Schill was prevented from delivering his State of the University Speech when about 45 chanting students took over the stage. 

Monday, October 9: The shameful administrative response to this next shout-down makes President Schill look like a pillar of strength. This Monday, Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain was shouted down before he could begin a talk sponsored by the Federalist Society of Texas Southern University Law School. Incredibly, after the shouters were ejected by campus police, TSU President Austin Lane called them back and canceled Cain’s talk.

Tuesday, October 10: Tuesday night, student protesters at Columbia University shouted down and largely stopped a talk via skype by Tommy Robinson, the controversial former leader of the English Defense League.

Wednesday, October 11: Last night Charles Murray’s talk at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor was severely disrupted. Murry had only brief periods to speak in between disruptions lasting 40 minutes. Finally, the protesters walked out. Disruptors chanted, “Charles Murray go away! Sexist, Racist, KKK,” played loud music, turned out lights, and made noises with their cell-phones.

Let me again point out that what you just read is very abbreviated.  You really do need to go to the website itself and read all the particulars.

One last thing, in the form of a note to the mommies and daddies paying tuition for their children to be “educated” at these schools:  I hope you feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

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