I don’t know what the Washington Post wants to be these days.

Sometimes – make that most of the time – it looks like an arm of the Democrats’ Trump-hating “resistance” (an odious word Democrats are now using, which suggests action against our legally elected government).

But today, it has pushed the usual attack-Trump mode to the back burner, and made itself an arm of  “Palestinian Arabs”:  terrorist hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), which signed a “unity agreement with terrorist hamas.

Today’s edition has an entire section devoted, with little other than sympathy and support, to Palestinian Arabs.  The title?  “Occupied:  Year 50”.

Let’s start with the fact that its premise, Israeli “occupation”, is a lie.  An incessantly stated one, but a lie notwithstanding.

Israel’s control of Judea and Samaria (also known as the west bank), and Gaza (since handed to Palestinians on a silver platter) did not come from some proactive attack on a friendly neighbor.  In 1967, Israel won that land in a defensive war it neither started nor wanted.  How is that “occupation”?

And even if you contorted reality to pretend it was “occupation”, Israel would not have been occupying “Palestinian land” – another incessantly repeated lie.

Israel won the west bank not from “Palestinians”. but from Jordan.

Israel won Gaza not from “Palestinians” but from Egypt.

“Palestinians” never ruled that land.  Ever.  Not for even one second.  And they sure as hell were not pretending it was their land when Jordan and Egypt had control.

In fact, the “Palestinians” themselves are a lie and a myth – which is why I put the word in quotation marks.

Until the mid 1960’s, when yasir arafat and his pals figured out that it would be politically beneficial to invent a “Palestinian” people, they did not exist.  Until then, Palestinians were any people of any ancestry and belief system who lived on the land area of Palestine.  Arabs, Jews, anyone.  Just as a “New Yorker” is anyone who lives within the state of New York.

Want to waste some time?  Try and find any history book published before 1964 that mentions “Palestinians” as a specific Arab people.  You won’t be able to because not one such book exists.  Why?  Because “Palestinian Arabs”, as a specific people, did not exist.

Even the original Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) charter describes them as Palestinian Arabs rather than “Palestinians”.  Why?  To distinguish them from Palestinian non-Arabs – because, at that time, they had not yet been invented as a discrete, ancient tribe.

Paul Mirengoff, at, has written an excellent commentary about the Washington Post’s disgraceful wet-kiss to “Palestinians”.  You should use the link I’ve provided and read every word of it.

But, in the meanwhile, here is just a taste:

Today, the Washington Post dedicated an entire section of the paper to airing Palestinian grievances and talking points. The section is called “Occupied: Year 50.”

The story I want to focus on is about the difficulties a Palestinian construction worker faces on a daily basis as he must pass through an Israeli checkpoint on his way from the West Bank to his job in Jerusalem. Given the anti-Israel bias that drips from almost every paragraph of the story by William Booth and Sufian Taha, the difficulties may be exaggerated. However, there’s no denying that the check points, as well as the occupation itself, creates problems for ordinary Palestinians.

What’s missing from the story is context. The authors don’t explain why Israel thinks it needs the checkpoints and, more generally, an intrusive presence on the West Bank.

The only terrorist acts referenced in the article are the massacre of 29 Palestinians by Baruch Goldstein in 1994 and “young [Palestinian] stabbers and car-rammers” who killed 35 Israelis last year.

The Post reporters seem to be positing an equivalence. But Goldstein’s terrorism was virtually a one-off, thank God. Deadly Palestinian violence against Israelis is chronic.

The Palestinians are not the first people to have a propaganda section in the Washington Post. China and Russia also get such sections from time to time.

The difference? Russia and China have to buy the space. For the Palestinians, it’s a gift from a newspaper on an ideological mission.

Thank you Paul.

And shame on you, Washington Post.

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