Paul Mirengoff, in his typically excellent analysis at, makes absolute mincemeat of yesterday’s Washington Post lead story about the Mueller investigation Star Chamber.  He thinks they’re panicked over there…and I think he’s got a point.

Here are its first three paragraphs:

The Washington Post is worried. The lead headline in today’s paper edition reads: “Mueller criticism grows to a clamor — FBI Conspiracy Claim Takes Hold — Driven by activists, GOP lawmakers, Trump tweets.”

Turnabout is fair play. Last year around this time, an honest newspaper could easily have written: “Trump criticism grows to a clamor — Russia Collusion Takes Hold — Driven by activists, Democratic lawmakers, leaks.”

A year ago, an honest newspaper could not have written that the Trump collusion criticism was driven by the FBI. The facts supporting such a headline were not known. Now we have good reason to suspect that the FBI was, in fact, advancing the collusion claim.

Mirengoff then goes on to show us how the Post’s article slices and dices information so that, via exaggerations and selective omissions, it continues to try selling the still-evidenceless claim that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Then, after reminding us that Mueller stacked the deck by putting together a staff of anti-Trump partisans (9 out of 17 are donors to the Democrat Party – four to Hillary Clinton in particular), he says this:

Mueller himself is a Republican. But he is also a friend of James Comey, another fact the Post ignores. The steady stream of evidence of Comey’s anti-Trump animus and manipulative conduct has contributed to declining faith in Mueller.

And then, there’s the fact that Mueller appears to have come up empty so far on “collusion” by Trump. A prosecutor investigating a president is bound to lose credibility if, after an extended period of time, he neither produces evidence against the president nor exonerates him of the set of crimes that supposedly underlie the investigation.

A prosecutor who cannot credibly be accused of bias — either personal or within his team — buys himself time and patience from the public. Mueller is not that prosecutor.

I partially agree.  Mueller will maintain a level of credibility as long as dishonest information brokers – like the Washington Post in this instance – prop him up.  And no matter how badly this “investigation” reeks he will be rooted on by Trump haters.

But isn’t this the same combination that Trump overcame to win the presidency in the first place?

The Washington Post has, for a long time, been an overtly Democrat-friendly/Republican unfriendly venue.  But, in my opinion, since Jeff Bezos took the Post over its bias level made what once was a serious source of information into a laughable parody of what a newspaper is supposed to be.

Too bad for its readers.  And too bad for the real journalists still on its payroll.

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