The Democrat surge sequence:

First it was Bernie

Then it was Beto

Then it was Buttigieg

Then it was Biden

Now, suddenly off the “B” names, it is Elizabeth Warren.

Want to see the actual results?  Then click here, for the, compilation of the last six national polls, and how they average out.  You will see that Senator Warren has more than doubled her numbers in just the past couple of weeks.

And how is Elizabeth Warren, The Phantom Cherokee, managing to do this?

Well, in part it’s because she is a she.

The hardline-left Democrat base, which has to be appeased to win primaries, does NOT want an old White man as its candidate.  This, obviously, damages Bernie and Biden.

Among women, Kamala Harris – Warren’s main competition – is not nearly as dynamic and not nearly as radical (her record as California’s Attorney General, liberal though it may be, cannot compete with Elizabeth Warren’s shrieking socialism).

And, in part, it is because of her far-left-fringe political promises of free everything to everyone, all paid for by taxing the “rich” – while somehow forgetting that higher and higher taxation is a disincentive for “the rich” to take the risks/create the goods and services that generate additional taxable income.

I love when the Warrens of the world promise free stuff…as if no one pays for it, and there are no consequences for forcing someone else to do the paying.

In any event, there are a few reasons for the latest surge.

Now, who’ll be next?  Will we go back to candidates with a “B” in their names (Cory Booker might like that.  Ditto for Bill De Blasio, Steve Bullock and maybe even Michael Bloomberg).

Or will we stick with the “W” crowd for a while, which would warm the hearts of Marianne Williamson and Andrew Wang?

If you’re getting the idea that I consider polling this early in the process a little silly….then you understand completely.

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