From Rep. Mark Meadows (R-SC) during last night’s Sean Hannity show on Fox News Channel (where, unlike virtually all of what is charitably called “mainstream media”, coverage of this enormous scandal is not being hidden, it is being provided every day):

“We’re getting a lot of whistleblowers, primarily the whistleblowers are coming forward because they believe Attorney General Bill Barr and [U.S. Attorney] John Durham are willing to get to the bottom of it. So people that perhaps were afraid under previous leadership to actually say, well, we knew this was wrong, they are coming forward now. 

“And when we look at intelligence, we know the intelligence community shares a lot of information. What we also know, what Devin Nunes knows, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and others who have been involved is that the Steele dossier, Christopher Steele, his dossier not only does it have its origins with Fusion GPS and the Democrat National Committee, but other players that are connected. Sidney Blumenthal and they were shopping it to every media outlet that they possibly could.  And the FBI knew it.  That’s the problem, the FBI knew it prior to that first FISA.   And here they are trying to use it as credible information for a FISA application? I just think that is totally wrong.”

The walls are closing in.  Can you feel it?  I’ll bet the people Rep. Meadows is talking about can.

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