I watched part of the Today show this morning, and was told that the just-released Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that, while approval ratings for President Obama and ObamaCare are still in negative territory, they are improved over last month.  The end.

But there\’s a bit more to this poll that I thought you might be interested to learn about (click here to see all of its findings).

First, the numbers on President Obama and ObamaCare:

-Mr. Obama has gone from 41% approve/54% disapprove to 44%/50%.  Still not good, but better than late March. 

-ObamaCare has gone from 35% approve/49% disapprove last month to 36%/46%.  Slightly better.

If that were the end of it, Today would have provided a short, but accurate, glimpse into where things moved.

But, reminding you again, this is The Today Show – on NBC – that we are talking about.  So here\’s the rest of the story.

-First off, the sample is heavily skewed in favor of Mr. Obama\’s side of the aisle:  31% of the sample says they are Democrats, 18% of them “strong”Democrats, versus 19% saying they are Republicans, 11% “strong” Republicans.  So we start out by knowing that the deck has been stacked.

-Next, we look at preference for Democrat or Republican control of congress.  In October, this poll had it at 47% Democrat vs. 39% Republican.  Today it is tied at 45% each.  So in a half year\’s time, the WSJ/NBC poll, despite being heavily weighted in favor of Democrats, shows the country to be evenly divided on which party should control congress.  Think that was worth mentioning?

-And then we have this question:  “When you think about the current economic conditions, do you feel that this is a situation that Barack Obama has inherited or is this a situation his policies are mostly responsible for?”  In December of 2010, 65% said he inherited the economic conditions to 21% saying they were his fault.  In June, 2011 that went to 62%/25%, and 56%/33% in August of that year.  Today? even with the stacked-deck sample, it is 47% inherited versus 33% his fault:  the most he has ever been blamed.  Think that was also worth mentioning? 

The bottom line is that Today extracted the closest thing to good news it could find in this poll, and ignored the rest.  Just as Today ignored the newly discovered bombshell evidence that the administration was lying to our faces about Benghazi (to be covered in the next blog).

Please tell me you are not surprised.

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