As pointed out in two previous blogs over the weekend, the Virginia State Bar Association, headed by Ken Martingayle, first issued a letter telling members it had succombed to what appears to be a small number of BDS members who objected to the organization holding a conference in Jerusalem, and then put out a second letter which appears to be a wholly BS “explanation” for doing so claiming that BDS and anti-Semitism has nothing to do with its decision – which flies in the face of the initial letter\’s tonality.

Paul Mirengoff, at, has an excellent piece today which outlines what happened and shows how full of it Martingayle comes across as being. 

You can read it all by clicking here….but I\’d like to show you the last few paragraphs…paying special attention to the passage I\’ve put in bold print, which rings so true:

Israel strongly encourages tourism from Muslim countries, to the point that Hamas attacked an Israeli efforts to encourage tourism to Jerusalem from Islamic countries. It called this a “dangerous Zionist plot.”

Hamas would have nothing to fear if Israel were persecuting Arabs who want to visit.

It\’s unfortunate that Martingayle has made the VSB an instrument of the boycott Israel movement. I doubt that Martingayle and other VSB leaders are anti-Israel in any strong sense. After all, they initially set the seminar in Jerusalem.

Instead, Martingayle appears mindlessly to have subscribed to trumped up grievances cast in the kind of politically correct language that causes a certain type of person to respond like Pavlov\’s dogs. It\’s through such disgraceful knee-jerk reactions that the leftist, anti-West rot spreads.

Exactly, Paul.

Again, please read the entire piece.  Then, even if you don\’t have a law degree, you can be the judge.

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