There is no way the situation in Venezuela can continue.  Something is going to give and it is going to happen sooner rather than later.

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Five million Venezuelan bolivars is the equivalent of $1.45. It’s also roughly a minimum-wage worker’s entire monthly salary in the South American country.

Thanks to stunning inflation, it now takes 1 million bolivars to buy a cup of coffee in a Venezuelan cafe, Bloomberg reports. That’s one-fifth of Venezuela’s monthly minimum wage, and a 10,000-bill stack of Venezuela’s most common bank note, the 100-bolivar bill.

To illustrate Venezuela’s rampant inflation, Bloomberg has tracked the price of a cup of coffee since December 2016 on its Cafe Con Leche index. One dose of caffeine cost 450 bolivars when the index launched two years ago, but 43,378 percent inflation in the last year has led to today’s astronomical price.

This is impossible to sustain.  And nicolas maduro, the hugo chavez protegé who, along with chavez, put formerly prosperous Venezuela in this other-worldly hell, is not going to leave willingly.

If I were a Venezuelan I would be preparing myself for what is coming next.  And, though it won’t be pretty, there is at least some possibility it will result in the country finally heading in a better direction (though even that is not a 100% guarantee).

And now a word from the geniuses on the hard left, and especially the ones in Hollywood, who were extolling Venezuela’s government-of-the-people not so long ago……

……oh, what’s that?  Nothing to say?  What a surprise..

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