If Chris Pleasance and Miranda Aldersley’s  Article for London’s daily mail is accurate, a military action has started that will either retain nicholas maduro as Venezuela’s President or replace him with Juan Guaido.

According to the article’s synopsis:

  • Juan Guaido called for uprising against Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday from the La Carlota airbase in Caracas
  • Guaido made the announcement surrounded by troops who then began setting up a defensive perimeter
  • Maduro’s forces fired tear gas before a heavy exchange of gunfire, with protesters caught in the middle
  • Guaido, who has backing of the US, has been trying to oust Maduro for months using largely peaceful protests

It is hard- make that virtually impossible  to see how this ends well:

-Either maduro will crush the uprising and retain his position…which means Venezuela will continue its trajectory from a peaceful democracy to an utterly demolished socialist disaster,or

-Guaido will prevail as the result of a revolution rather than a peaceful transition of power, which probably will herald a period of violence and bloodshed to come.

 Of these two terrible alternatives, I have to admit I’m rooting for Guaido to take the reins of government…on the grounds that anything which rids Venezuela of nicholas maduro can’t be all bad.

But I have no illusions about the prospects for an ugly, bloody, probably long-term civil war.

More on this as events transpire.

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