The Uranium One Scandal:

-With then Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s approval, Rostatom, the Russian state-owned uranium monopoly, acquires control of about 20% of our uranium reserves,

-whereupon The Clinton foundation gets tens of millions – some estimates range as high as $145 million – dollars in money from Putin-aligned Russian interests,

-and Bill Clinton is handed $500,000 for a 20 minute speech to a Rennaisance Capital, a Putin-aligned Russian company.

Smell anything there?  Me too.

But now, after ducking almost any mention of this scandal for months and months, here is how the print edition of a front page article in the New York Times is treating a possible investigation into this stinker:





Fear that Justice Dept. Is Being Used to Attack President’s Rivals

In other words, a Uranium One investigation isn’t about a just-defeated Presidential candidate signing off on control of our uranium to Russia, then getting huge sums of money into her money-laundering operation , er, charitable foundation, or her husband, a former President, benefiting personally from it – complete with demonstrable evidence that every one of those things, in fact, happened.  No, Uranium One is just some vindictive little witch hunt.

Not like the still-unevidenced Russia/Trump collusion investigation which, a half year in, has yielded an indictment against Paul Manafort for what he did years before Trump ever ran for office, you see.  That one is far more significant.

Does anyone still remember when the New York Times was a real newspaper?

The memory grows dimmer and dimmer…

…just as it is quickly dimming for the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post (more on this in a subsequent blog).

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  • The Russians gave $145 million to Hillie and Billie’s Foundation.
    Very, very noble of those Communists.
    Which other organizations got contributions of that magnitude from the Comrades in Moscow ?

    From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. (h/t Karl Marx)

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