For years, I have called President Trump The World’s Richest Barroom Loudmouth.  That is because he has no problem bloviating about pretty much any subject, even when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

But when he does know what he’s talking about, Mr. Trump has no interest in diplomacy.  He goes straight for the jugular.

And yesterday’s take-down of British Prime Minister Teresa May, who – like her counterpart in Germany – seems to think she can have it both ways at the expense of the United States, was classic.

Tom Newton Dunn, writing for London’s Daily Sun, explains it perfectly in just three sentences:

In an extraordinary intervention timed to coincide with his UK visit, Mr Trump said Theresa May ignored his advice by opting for a soft Brexit strategy.

And he warned her any attempts to maintain close ties with the EU would make a lucrative US trade deal very unlikely.

Mr Trump said: “If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal.”

There you have it.  Short and to the point.

The UK is committed – by national vote – to exit the European Union.  But May wants to dither along, leaving her country’s inclusion in the EU dangling/unaddressed, while simultaneously cutting a trade deal with the United States that does not make sense for us if the EU remains in control.

If Trump wanted a deal with the EU he’d be making it with the EU, not the British Prime Minister.

Newton characterizes Mr. Trump’s comments as “his most brutally honest verdict yet on Britain”.  That’s hard to argue with.

So President Trump, fresh from talking bluntly and honestly to NATO about the disgraceful behavior of most members (i.e. not meeting their agreed-upon financial obligations, thus leaving the USA to pay their freight), has now talked just as bluntly and honestly to the UK about remaining in the European Union – against the wishes of its own voters – and then expecting the USA to complete a deal that is only good for us if the UK leaves.

What’s wrong with that guy Trump, anyway?  Hasn’t he been told that he’s not supposed to talk bluntily and honestly about this stuff?

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