When it was just the Emerson college poll that showed a 34% approval rate for President Trump among Black voters, it was just a silly outlier.

Then when Gallup showed the same 34%, it became a hmmmmm, maybe.

And now we have the  NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll showing 33% approval for President Trump among non-White voters.

That clattering sound you hear is Democrat strategists around the country shaking in their boots.   Because if President Trump gets even 35% – 40% of those votes – which translates into just 10% – 14% of the total Black vote –  Democrats would have virtually no chance of winning back the presidency in 2020.

And that is before we discuss the fact that Latino voters have shown an upward surge in approval for President Trump as well…

… which makes the volume of that clattering…er, shattering.

Polls can be deceiving. They are very often just plain wrong.

Democrats better hope these poll data are classic examples of just that.

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