Two days ago,  I blogged about Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s boneheaded defunding of the Special Olympics – on the grounds that it gets money from other sources.  (How many other organizations get money from other sources, Ms. DeVos?  Are you going to defund them too?)

I am happy to report that President Trump has overridden this decision and restored the entire amount of funding…with Secretary DeVos trying desperately – and ridiculously – to pretend this was great news to her.

I don’t know if President Trump did this out of regard for the Special Olympics, because, politically, it was an incredible gaffe that had to be reversed, or a little of both.  But I’m glad he did.

As for Betsy DeVos?  The day she is no longer is Secretary of Education will be a happy one for me.

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  • If we can’t cut spending on a program that has an absolute ton of private support, what programs can be cut???
    If we can’t cut spending how do we stop being in debt???

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