Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire, where he comes into the house and goes into an elaborate declaration of love for his estranged wife, until she tells him to “Shut up…you had me at hello”?

This morning, I watched a lot of Trump’s team defending him on the two articles of impeachment.

It was only a couple of hours long.  And, although there will be a lot more put out for us, for my money it could have ended right there.

They had me at the video of Gordon Sondland, the one and only non-hearsay witness dredged up by Democrats, acknowledging that everything he said was presumption, not factual, and the only thing he actually heard from President Trump’s mouth was that he wanted nothing from Ukraine President Zelensky, no quid pro quo, just that he keep his campaign promise to clean up the country.

I then subjected myself to about 10 minutes of adam schiff coming out after the presentation, repeating the term “scheme” several times (yes, that’s the word they tried during the House inquiry too;  it must have focus grouped very well), and spreading a pile of excrement that could fertilize the entire farm belt, without benefit of a single provable fact – including the tired and tiresome line that Trump answers to Vladimir Putin (which requires a state of idiocy to believe that I don’t even want to think about).

I’d love to tell you I can’t wait until Monday, when this farce continues.  But, believe me, I can wait.

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