How degenerate is the campaign against Donald Trump getting?

Well, here’s a hint, via the USA Today article which determined that the shirts being sold by the Trump campaign, featuring an eagle over the Stars and Stripes, is just like the nazi party’s symbol in Germany.

Here, from a facebook post in the article is the “similarity”:

This image from Facebook shows a Trump campaign T-shirt next to an image from Nazi Germany.

Well, that’s pretty conclusive, isn’t it?  This proves Trump’s nazi leanings, doesn’t it?


That sort of ignores the fact that this is the official Seal of the United States…

Seal of the President of the United States.svg

…and, as Jim Hoft, of the gatewaypundit.com, shows us, this is the seal Nancy Pelosi uses as Speaker of the House…


…and how about this little item from the campaign of a recent presidential candidate (see if you remember his name)?

CNN Political Ticker


So when do you think USA Today will be publishing its retraction/apology?

I’m guessing that will be maybe two or three days after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez resigns her congressional seat and becomes an ICE agent.

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