THE “TRUMP-EPSTEIN” TIE-IN…(OR, WHY THE TERM “FAKE NEWS” RESONATES WITH SO MANY PEOPLE, which is right up there in the pantheon of Trump-haters, is running an article by Ben Schreckinger and Daniel Lippman about long-time jeffrey epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell, titled “MEET THE WOMAN WHO TIES JEFFREY EPSTEIN TO TRUMP AND THE CLINTONS.

What does that title tell you?  It tells you that Trump and the Clintons had relationships with Maxwell and epstein…but Trump, mentioned first, is the main event of the two.

But a funny thing happens if you bother to read the entire article, not just the headline and the first part which features Trump.  You find that Schreckinger and Lippman can only chronicle Trump’s association with epstein up to the year 2000.  That’s where it ends. (NOTE:  actually, Trump’s association with epstein, so far as I can tell, actually ended in 2002.)

But – only if you keep on reading – you find out that the Clinton association with epstein goes right into the 2000’s, including after epstein was accused of serial sexual depredations with underage girls.

And how did this article cover Bill Clinton’s 26 flights on epstein’s private plane, which was, tellingly, nicknamed the “Lolita Express”?  Here is the entire mention of it:

In 2002 and 2003, flight logs reportedly show that Bill Clinton flew on 26 flight legs on Epstein’s private jet.

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York,” said a spokesman for Bill Clinton, Angel Urena, in a statement. Urena said the flight legs comprised four trips total in 2002 and 2003, and that staff and Secret Service were present on all flights. Urena said that Epstein visited Bill Clinton at his Harlem office once in 2002, and that he briefly visited Epstein’s apartment one time.

There you have it.  Two paragraphs which mention nothing about the plane’s nickname or why it got that nickname.  Nothing about the bed on board for fun and games during those flights.  Little about where those flights actually went.  Only a Clinton spokesperson”s overt lie that there were only four flights and secret service was always there.— which just sits there, unchallenged.

So, bottom line: this article’s headline suggests that Trump, rather than Clinton and his family, was the main event of the story – when the truth is that Trump was just one of the many people epstein consorted with in Palm Beach…

…but it was Bill Clinton on all those Lolita Express flights, not Donald Trump.  And the “explanation” by Clinton’s spokesperson was not exposed as being an obvious, overt lie.

Then they wonder why the term “Fake New” resonates?

Do you?

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