This link is to an article by Steven Mosher, writing for, a conservative pro-life website, is a compilation of the challenges to this year’s presidential election that are still very much in progress.

Here is its first entry:

In Pennsylvania, a courageous judge has halted the certification while she looks at evidence of fraud.  One question she might want to ask the Democrat Secretary of State:  If there were only 1.8 million ballots requested, how is it possible that you received 2.5 million back in the mail? 

Assuming those data are correct, I think you’d have to agree that this is a pretty interesting question. (UPDATE:  They aren’t.  That 2.8 million ballot total  counts both the primary and general elections mail outs.)

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the September 15th ruling by the Pennsylvania Department of State that ballots cannot be rejected if the signatures on them do not match the voter’s file signature.

FYI:  I would show you a compilation from a major media venue, but I can’t find one anywhere.  The fact that these challenges are all alive in play is being suppressed by our mainstream media.

And trust me when I tell you that the revulsion I feel toward our mainstream media for censoring the news it does not want you to come in contact with – which is exactly what is being done here – has no political component.  If this news were beneficial to a Democrat, and/or a leftist cause, I would be 100% as outraged.

It is NOT the job of media to filter out what it doesn’t want you to know about.  That is the job of propagandists with an agenda.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out how I categorize most mainstream media these days.


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