Yesterday, Donald Trump signed an order preventing the separation of families which illegally enter the United States.

This is being reported by some gleeful media as a “cave-in”.  What actually happened was that Trump asked for congress to act and then, when it didn’t, used the Obama “I’ve got a pen” method.

Why would he do this?

Well, maybe it is a cave-in.  Maybe he is the hitlerian nazi so many Democrats and media have seized on the opportunity to call him.


….maybe he did so because signing that order effectively ends the issue…which media have used during the last week to avoid or minimize major-story reportage on:

-the fact that, based on congressional hearings, the Trump investigation is essentially blown to smithereens,

-the fact that Michael Horowitz’s testimony finally puts james comey in the immense legal jeopardy this arrogant, abusive liar so richly deserves,

-the fact that Trump hating FBI investigator peter strzok, who was front and center in both the mueller witch hunt and the Hillary Clinton e-mail “investigation” (if you can call that farce an investigation) was literally escorted out of FBI offices last Friday,

-and the fact that Horowitz is investigating whether strzok’s many anti-Trump messages to his extramarital lover/also Trump-hating counterpart lisa page were factors in launching the action against Trump (how do you figure this will turn out?).

The secondary-status “reporting” of these hugely important disclosures by most major media venues, while obsessing on an issue – separation of families coming here illegally – that they determinedly ignored during the years Barack Obama’s administration did the exact same thing – tells you everything you need to know about these “journalists”.

“Keep ’em ignorant and you own ’em”:  it has never been more evident.

Will the fact that President Trump has summarily ended the non-issue they have used to suppress the real news from viewers/readers/listeners force them to finally give it the lead-story status it should have had all along? Or will they continue to suppress it by finding another non-issue to obsess on instead?

My guess is that if they can find a way to continue suppressing it, that is exactly what they will do.

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