Forgetting all other considerations (and they exist), this is political theater at its best.

From Katherine Doyle’s article for the Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s campaign manager called for more and earlier debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden, arguing that early voting will lead voters in some states to cast their ballots before the first debate takes place.

“We want more debates,” said Bill Stepien, Trump’s newly promoted campaign chief, in a Fox & Friends interview on Monday. “We want debates starting sooner.” It was Stepien’s first interview since taking the job.

Sixteen states will have started voting by the time of the first debate on Sept. 29, Stepien said. “That’s a concern to me.”

“We are already seeing the liberal Left, the liberal media, trying to create trapdoors for Joe Biden to escape his commitment and his obligation to debate Donald Trump on a debate stage in front of the American people,” he added. “We want more debates.”


Stepien has taken a very legitimate concern – that as many voters as possible should hear the candidates debate before their decision is reached – and turned it into a win-win situation for President Trump.

-Trump – who, whatever you think of his personality and opinions, still has all his marbles – will be thrilled to provide the comparative to Biden – who gets easily confused and struggles to hold his thoughts when just making a speech.  Trump and his people obviously sees this as a major win; one that can affect how people vote.

-And if Biden refuses, Trump will relentlessly attack him on the grounds that his cognitive abilities are so compromised that he is afraid of a debate because it will show how diminished he is.  Trump and his people obviously see this,too, as a major win situation that can affect how people vote.

And the best part?  The request/demand that there be more debates sooner is not some outlandish political ploy.  Based on the early voting in so many states, it makes perfect sense.

My compliments to Bill Stepien.  If this is any indication of how well he is going to run the re-election campaign, President Trump should be smiling from ear to ear.


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