For two years, Democrats have told voters Donald Trump “colluded” (whatever that means) with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

But now that the mueller report seems likely to come out any day, and there still is no apparent evidence of any such collusion, what do they do?

Apologize?  Tell voters that they were wrong and Hillary lost fair and square?

I’ll wait for you to stop laughing…

…ok, while you’re composing yourself, here are two salient paragraphs from Jonathan Lemire and Mary clark Jalonick’s article for the Associated Press:

With Robert Mueller’s findings expected any day, the president has grown increasingly confident the report will produce what he insisted all along: no clear evidence of a conspiracy between Russia and his 2016 campaign. And Trump and his advisers are considering how to weaponize those possible findings for the 2020 race, according to current and former White House officials and presidential confidants who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

A change is underway as well among congressional Democrats, who have long believed the report would offer damning evidence against the president. The Democrats are busy building new avenues for evidence to come out, opening a broad array of investigations of Trump’s White House and businesses that go far beyond Mueller’s focus on Russian interference to help Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Translation:  the Democrat “strategy” (if you can call it one) will be “OK, the collusion thing didn’t pan out.  But now we’ll get him on something else.  Just give us more time to investigate”.

Trust me:  despite Democrats and their media pals making fools of them for two years, there will be people who will find this perfectly acceptable.  And you can bet there will be a bunch of unrepentant “journalists” among them.

I particularly wonder what Chris Matthews will say – given that, last December 18th, he told viewers that the Trump administration was at the “breaking point” and we could, in “the coming weeks”, see Trump resigning the presidency in return for Trump’s children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, not going to jail.

His exact words:

“Where earlier Mueller subjects have given Trump up, these two lack the option to do that.  They can hardly testify against their father, which brings the country to the reckoning. If the prosecutor will not be stopped and the kids will not fall to him, we see the president’s adult children heading to prison.

“But what if the prosecutor were to offer the president an alternative?  What if he were to say he would let the children walk if the old man does the same? … That would mean giving up the presidency in the exchange for acquittals all around ― not just for himself, but for all his kids.”

“So let’s watch the probable events of the coming weeks bring all this to a breaking point.  It is going to be historic.”

Yes, Matthews – or “Chrazy Chris” as I often call him – did actually say that on his MSNBC show.

Uh, Chris?  Today it is March 20th.  So far, 13 “coming weeks” have come, and gone.  Trump is still president, his children are still not jailed, and there’s no indication that anything is heading them in those directions.

Anything you want to say to us?

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