Despite Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s attempts to prevent it, Donald Trump held a rally at the city’s Target Center last night.  As with other Trump rallies, the venue was filled to capacity and overflowed to the streets…

…where the violent, hate-filled street thugs known as antifa were laying in wait.

Want to see what Jacob Frey apparently didn’t have a problem with – because the police did not aggressively prevent it?

Click here for Joel B. Pollak’s compilation of videos at

Then we’ll see just how much mainstream media give either coverage, or cover, for these violent thugs.

For starters, here are the first three paragraphs of Andy Mannix and Paul Walsh’s article for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s article:

A protest around Donald Trump’s Minneapolis campaign rally escalated Thursday night from peaceful chants and sign-waving to an impasse with police on the rainy downtown streets.

As the president finished his event at Target Center, some outside began blocking cars of attendees trying to leave, calling the drivers racists and throwing plastic bottles and traffic cones at their vehicles. A group burned a pile of the president’s merchandise, including the signature red “Make America Great Again” hats. Trump supporters flipped them the middle finger as they sped by. Minneapolis police arrested one person as of 11 p.m. Thursday, according to a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Though most in the protests remained peaceful, the disrupters prompted police on horseback and bicycles to form protective lines around the agitated crowd, spraying some with chemical irritant. Many in the crowd stood their ground, shouting “Whose streets? Our streets!” as the police blocked off major downtown roads.


The standard-issue “it was peaceful until a small number of protesters…” line – which, of course is not peaceful at all, it is the formula, the progression, these thugs use every time.  And nothing about the removal of barricades while police – who presumably put them there in the first place – stood down, or the attacks on individuals you saw in the videos.

I will be surprised if network news coverage is any different. – but will say so in a subsequent blog if it is.

UPDATE:  It is 20 minutes into NBC’s Today Show, and it has featured a clip of President Trump’s inappropriate (but probably true) characterization of Joe Biden as an Obama kiss-ass… but not one word about the antifa street thugs.  Zero.  If you rely on NBC for your news, therefore, you don’t even know they were there, let alone what they were doing.

I hope you’re not surprised.


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