Last night, Tony Bubolinski – a Biden insider if ever there was one – lowered the boom on Biden and his family, detailing chapter and verse of how deeply Joe Biden, through his son, Hunter (and other family members) were involved with the communist Chinese government.

And here, from Kyle Drennen’s article at, is how the three major networks reported it this morning:

Even after Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski sat down for a hour-long Fox News interview Tuesday night in which he provided credible evidence corroborating his claims about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s corrupt foreign business dealings, on Wednesday, the NBC, ABC, and CBS morning shows couldn’t be bothered to cover the bombshell bad news for the Democratic nominee.

That’s right.  A complete shutout.  Three out of three.  Not one second of coverage.

And that’s not all.

Drennen continues (bold print is mine):

A Media Research Center study released on Tuesday found that the Big Three broadcast networks have only offered a pathetic 21 minutes to the growing Biden scandal since the story broke on the front page of The New York Post on October 14. That’s 21 minutes out of 113 hours worth of morning an evening shows over the past week and most of that paltry coverage was devoted to attempts to falsely claim the story was “Russian disinformation.”  

There are no words to describe the revulsion I feel about this.

These are not news sources.  They are propaganda organs for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.  Plain and simple.

Their reputations are beyond retrievability.

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  • Let us not forget, the way we are going to know who the winner of the election is, will be by these same media companies.

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