In the previous blog, I noted that, for Joe Biden to retain the quality of our alliance with Israel that was so strongly reinforced during the Trump administration, he would have to withstand the Israel-haters who, increasingly, exercise power within his party.  And that I was not confident he could.

With the above in mind, the likely selection of career diplomat Tony Blinken as Mr. Biden’s Secretary of State would at least somewhat allay my concerns – insofar as Blinken – himself Jewish – has been something of an advocate of Israel for many years.

This, however, does not mean I am a fan of his appointment.  Among the reasons is that Blinken, from what I am reading, seems perfectly willing to bring us right back into the Iran “nuclear deal” – which I consider ridiculous.  It only means that I think, even if misguided, his views regarding Israel and the Middle East would not have overtly malicious intent…

…which is more than I can say for someone like Rep. rashida tlaib, the Israel-hating Democrat from Michigan, whose reaction to a Blinken appointment is that she is OK with it “So long as he doesn’t suppress my First Amendment right to speak out against Netanyahu’s racist and inhumane policies.”

Tell us, Rep. tlaib:  how do you feel about the hamas charter, which is the basis for “government” in Gaza and has been accepted by the government in Judea/Samaria (the west bank)?  You OK with the call to obliterate Israel in its entirety (second paragraph of the charter) and kill every Jew – not just in Israel but everywhere else as well (article 7)?  Is that racism and inhumanity acceptable to you?

Just asking.

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