I just watched a short segment about hydroxychloroquine on the Today Show, featuring Hoda Kotb and the show’s medical correspondent, Dr. John Torres.

Given that I like both of these people I am truly sorry to say the segment was shamefully biased.

First, Ms. Kotb introduced the subject by downplaying its effectiveness as much as possible – “It has not been proven, there are no case studies” – with absolutely no mention of the fact that people all over the country and the world are reporting significant positive results (shorter duration, less severity) or the fact that even state Governors are now begging for it.

She then showed a clip of President Trump saying that, based on the large number of positive anecdotal results, “what do you have to lose” by trying it – and tossed it over to Dr. Torres to answer Trump.

The first thing Dr. Torres said?  “Well, potentially you lose your life”.

His reason for this doomsday response?  Hydroxychloroquine has side effects – something that, so far as I know, is true of every prescription drug there is.  That’s why they are prescription drugs instead of being available over the counter.

The implication, of course, was that hydroxychloroquine is dangerously life-threatening, instead of being what amounts to a benign,  fully-tested drug that has been used safely for over 70 years.

Only after pointing out, in effect, that President Trump was telling you to risk your life, did Dr. Torres note that deaths from hydroxychloroquine don’t happen very much (like virtually never, assuming they are prescribed by a competent physician who takes the patient’s physical condition and his/her other medications into account).

Maybe it’s just me, but that “you could die” line came across as nothing but an intentional scare tactic.

After all, it was Donald Trump suggesting the drug’s use, so it has to be taken down in some way, right?

Want to see/hear this for yourself?  OK.  Here is the video.  The segment noted above starts at about 1:30.  Please watch/see it, then make up your own mind.


NOTE:  Now that the video has become available, I have revised the blog to incorporate the exact words of Hoda Kotb and Dr. John Torres.  It doesn’t change any of what was originally written, it just makes the points more specifically.

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