I don’t know how this poll was conducted, nor do  I know who participated in it. And, as every regular reader knows, I am extremely skeptical of all political polls.

With that in mind, it may interest you to know that a Telemundo poll, conducted among Spanish-speaking voters during last night’s 1st presidential debate, shows Donald Trump winning over Joe Biden by 66% to 34%.

What does this mean?

If the poll is anywhere near accurate – a big, big “if” – it means that Joe Biden is in a world of trouble.

One look at the demographics of key swing states (think Florida, Texas and Arizona for openers), and how much this population segment’s support would mean to Donald Trump, tells you why.  Vividly.

Needless to say, we will be keeping an eye on subsequent polls to see how Hispanic voters are moving.

Stay tuned.

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