As I write this there are organized protests by the left at the offices of Susan Collins and Linda Murkowski….who, if they both vote against Brett Kavanaugh will sink his nomination.

This is what the week’s “FBI investigation” is all about, folks.

And amazingly, Republicans – Grassley primary among them – apparently did not see this coming.

My hopes for Judge Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court are fading by the hour.

My hopes, however, of Republicans winding up with a larger senate majority at the end of this fiasco, thus a greater ability to seat either a re-submitted Kavanaugh nomination (if that is possible) or someone like him, are rising….

…as I hope it affects house of representatives races, possibly enough for Republicans to maintain control — not that I’m so hot on Republican leadership, but the current crop of Democrats who would take over would be dramatically worse; an absolute disaster.

I find it hard to believe the public will not see through, and react to, the pathetic excrement-show Democrats have put on to ruin Brett Kavanaugh – not just his supreme court nomination but his reputation and his life – and will vote accordingly.

Boy, do I ever hope I’m right.

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