Want to see some genuinely revealing data which show what happens when good intentions generate stupid educational decisions?

Here is a chart showing math and reading achievement gaps between White and minority (Black, Latino) students in major politically “progressive” versus politically “conservative” cities:

If true, that’s quite an eye-opener, isn’t it?

Well, these findings come the research paper of one Chris Stewart, a politically progressive (or left-wing if you prefer) part of “Brightbeam” – which describes itself as “a nonprofit network of education activists demanding a better education and a brighter future for every child”.

And there is a ton more of equally informative, equally unsettling information where that came from.  Use the link I’ve provided and see for yourself.

My compliments to Mr. Stewart and Brightbeam for being honest enough to report these findings.  I doubt most organizations of this kind would do so; I expect they would bury them, just as most mainstream media would (though not the Minneapolis Star-Tribune which, to its credit, published an article about these findings).

Bottom line:

-If the object is to close the gap between White and Black/Latino children, Mr. Stewart’s findings should be studied, digested and learned from.

-If the object is to promote a “progressive agenda”, Mr. Stewart’s findings should be ignored.

Any doubt about which one to root for?

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