With a major tip of my imaginary hat to Mark Bradman (aka “Sundance”) at…

… here, from his latest commentary, is a copy of the letter sent out by “Shareblue” – a left wing trolling organization created by the formerly conservative, now totally/opportunistically leftward David Brock – directing its members on how to influence people’s opinions of the Epstein “suicide”:

FYI:  Bradman advises us that “ROLCON” is the organization’s expression for telling its “stalwarts” to pretend they are conservatives when trying to sell the public on it wants them to believe.  After all, they can’t have anyone think the left would do such a thing, could they?

That’s quite an organization they have there.

By the way, “Avi” is Allison Girvin – formerly an executive with NBC “News”.

Hmmm, an NBC executive engaged in an effort to influence people about a political issue.

Are you surprised?  I hope not.


  • Nothing at all would surprise me re dastardly corrupt democrat tactics

    Abt 2 yrs ago, the Dem/Left were actually BEGGING for war with Russia. If they would go to the extreme of counting nuclear war to get rid of Trump, what WONT they do?

  • Lets stop PUSSYFOOYING around the DNC and the Democrat party are 1. not democratic butt they are 2. COMMUNIST. The want to bring the firstSoviet 5 year plan to America. The dear leaders will want to send many of us (US) to their newly formed Gulag Labor (Death) Camps in Alaska. They will cause the take over by any means necessary all of their violent group such as the Antifa-fascist, BLM. etc.

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