Remember Seinfeld?  Remember it’s premise, as created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld – “A show about nothing”?

Well, they may not realize it, but there is a sequel being played out in real life.  It is the Democrat “Impeachment about Nothing”.

To refresh your memory:  The “impeachment inquiry” is based on information allegedly supplied by one “whistle-blower, who was and remains anonymous, claiming that he or she (we don’t know which) heard from someone else, who also is anonymous, that Trump did something impeachable during a telephone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky:  he threatened to withhold aid unless Zelensky implemented an investigation of one of Trump’s political opponents:  i.e. a quid pro quo.


…the transcript of the call shows he asked – did not threaten, but asked – with no quid pro quo mentioned at all – that investigations be made on:

-CrowdStrike’s involvement in the 2016 election (which even a number of Trump-hating media venues wrote about at the time);

-How Hunter Biden managed to make millions of dollars by being on the Board of Burisma, a Ukraine energy company he has zero qualifications for;

-And Joe Biden’s threat to withhold $1 billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor looking into Burisma was summarily fired (which there is video of Joe Biden bragging about);

-All of which is acknowledged in so many words by Ukraine President Zelensky himself.

That, folks, is a Seinfeld Impeachment:  an impeachment about nothing.

And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to ask a couple of questions:

-Why is this inquiry being held by the House Intelligence Committee instead of the Judiciary Committee, which is inherently where it belongs?  By any chance because the Chair of Judiciary, Jerrold Nadler, has shown himself to be an obnoxious, snide incompetent with about as much charisma as a narco cop at a pot party?

-And why is all testimony being held behind closed doors?  If there were any validity to any of this, why wouldn’t it be held in the open where the public would be able to hear it?

The truth?  This “impeachment inquiry” is a farce.  A complete unadulterated U.S. Prime, Grade AAA farce.

But as long as our mainstream media play ball with the farce, as long as they keep reporting there is “progress” on the impeachment front when, in fact, no new evidence of anything impeachable has been produced, there apparently will be a large number of people out there gullible enough to buy in – to say “well, they report on it every day so it must be true”.

Larry David (a Trump hater of the first order) and Jerry Seinfeld (I don’t know his political views) should be very proud.  Their TV show concept “An Impeachment About Nothing” has become a major political party’s defining course of action.

NOTE:  Please be advised that I am not the first person to refer to this as a “Seinfeld Impeachment”.  One of the others, Jed Babbin, writing for American Spectator, has an excellent version of the same subject matter.  I urge you to use the link and read every word.

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  • Democrats should be grateful they control media and academia, if they didn’t, people would know how awful they are.

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