I’ll start this blog by assuring you it is not satire.  I am not making it up.  What you are about to read is real.

Now I will excerpt Alex Nester’s article for the Washington Free Beacon:

The Seattle City Council proposed a resolution to defund the city’s police department and create a “Civilian-led Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention” on Friday.

The new resolution prioritizes the creation of a civilian-led safety department to supervise the city police. The resolution also aims to reassign current police responsibilities, including emergency dispatchers and parking enforcement, to other city departments and shift an unspecified amount of money from the city’s police to fund “community-based investments.”

The resolution says the council is dedicated to “addressing the racist institution of policing” and confronting “the Seattle Police Department’s role in perpetuating racism and violence.” It also blames the police department for using tear gas and rubber bullets to control violent rioters in the city.

There you go.  Law enforcement, Seattle-style.  Attack policing – not individuals based on their actions but the entire institution – as racist, and condemn the use of tear gas and rubber bullets to contain/subdue a violent riot.

What do these geniuses think would be a better idea?  Sending “Civilian-led Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention” personnel into the riot area to talk things out?

And when the Community Safety and Violence Prevention people are ignored, or – as is far more likely – get the crap knocked out of them, what would the plan be then?  To conduct a few street seminars?  Therapy sessions?

Seattle has one-party governance.  Its idiot Mayor, jenny durkan – who called anarchists and BLM radicals taking over part of downtown (a “block party” and a “summer festival” – is a Democrat.  And its City Council is comprised of 8 Democrats and one socialist.

For this reason, the voters of Seattle – the ones who put this la-la-land crew in charge of running their city – should have no complaints about their imbecilic proposed course of action.

However, I have to believe there are still a great many people in Seattle who understand the need for law enforcement there, and do not want it to be dismantled in favor of a ludicrous  left wing pretend-world.

It is for those folks that I hope that, if such a fantasy is put in place, either the Governor (assuming Washington State Governor jay inslee, who has been as useless as durkan during these riots, wakes up) or the President, will be ready to send in the national guard or federal agents to protect them.

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