If mainstream media are actually confused about what President Trump has so little regard for them, maybe they should reflect on the way they cover events that would be major-story material if the parties were reversed.

One such event is the at-all-costs refusal by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), to allow testimony from witnesses with information about the Russian collusion accusation – you know, the one that still, to this minute, has exactly no evidence to back it up, but has been relentlessly promoted by Schiff and his Democrat cohorts.

From Kerry Picket’s article at

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff refused to give a reason why he reportedly blocked witnesses related to his committee’s Russia probe from testifying.

When first asked by The Daily Caller Tuesday about blocking witnesses scheduled to testify, Schiff only responded, “I don’t agree with the premise of your question.”

The DC asked Schiff again on Wednesday and mentioned Carter Page as an example of a witness who was scheduled to testify but was blocked by Schiff from doing so.

“Mr. Page is free to say whatever he wants about anything, but we’re not commenting on who we’ve scheduled to come before the committee or not scheduled so I can’t comment,” Schiff responded.

The DC pressed Schiff further asking if the California Democrat has a problem with Carter or if he refuses to talk about it because the matter is classified.

“Again, I don’t want to accept the premise of your question,” Schiff replied.

“I don’t want to accept the premise of your question”?  What kind of a dodge is that?  Would the “journalists” covering this story ever let a Republican get away with blocking witnesses and refusing to explain why?

What is Adam Schiff afraid of?  That Carter Page and the others would put the to this utter BS investigation that Democrats have latched onto like passengers clinging to driftwood from a sunken ship?

Adam Schiff is a pathetic hack.  And the media which let him get away with being one are his complicitors.

Thank you, Kerry Picket, for not being one of them.

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