Did you know that, on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, not one mention was made about Harvey Weinstein?  Not one joke, not one peripheral reference.  Nothing.

Here, via excerpts from Rachel Leah’s article at, are the reasons being given.

Many people found (the fact that Weinstein was not mentioned) odd for a show that held nothing back in their jokes about Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton as well as Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Anthony Weiner and many others accused of sexual harassment, assault or worse. (The show was forward enough this weekend to make light of O.J. Simpson, a man who most likely murdered two people.)

When the Daily Mail confronted SNL creator Lorne Michaels early Sunday morning about the absence of the Weinstein controversy, he claimed it was because “it’s a New York thing,” perhaps intimating that the rest of the country did not know or would not care about the issue (not that heaping on jokes that only make sense to those in the city has ever been a problem for the show before).

But according to The New York Times, Weinstein jokes were indeed prepared for Saturday’s show, but they were shelved. The Times wrote, “These cuts were made simply because the material seemed to fall flat with the show’s studio audience, the person said.”

There you go. It was only a local story (i.e. west of the Hudson River no one cares about it???  No one in, say, Los Angeles?  Hollywood?).  Besides, we couldn’t come up funny jokes about it (though we could for every other sexual predator).

If you believe this, you need help.  Lots and lots of it.

But look at the bright side.  My bet is that now, after every Hollywood type under the sun, along with all those Democrats he contributed to, have been shamed into acknowledging what a sack of manure Weinstein was for all these years, SNL will suddenly find a bunch of funny jokes about him.

Translation:  now they HAVE to, so they will.

But there’s no media bias out there.  Honest.  Just ask Lorne Michaels.

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  • NBC wouldn’t run the story that broke this written by their own reporter, he ended up taking it to the New Yorker Magazine. So why would they let SNL joke about it?

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