Vermont Public Radio (VPR) is reporting it has learned, via several sources, that Senator Bernard Sanders, an “independend” (actually, a self-described socialist who caucuses with Democrats) will announce, on Thursday, that he is seeking the Democrat nomination for President of the United States.

Can Sanders win the nomination?  No. 

But can his candidacy make it clear to even the most hardline Democrat partisans that the left-wing base of the party would love an alternative to Hillary Clinton?  Yes, that is entirely feasible. 

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders is nobody\’s fool.  You may agree or disagree with his positions, but be assured that a) they are strongly held – he only says what he means, not what is politically expedient and b) he is excellent at articulating those positions. 

Personally, I don\’t agree with a lot of what Mr. Sanders says.  But I have great respect for his honesty and his principles – neither of which I find in Hillary Clinton.

Let\’s stay tuned – first to see if VPR is correct, and then to see how much immediate buzz he gets from the party faithful.

This could get very interesting very fast.


UPDATE:  The Sanders candidacy is on.  And, despite being 73, Jewish (at least ancestrally), to the left of left and virtually unknown outside of Vermont, he says this is a real candidacy and he thinks he can win.

As I said in the original blog, this could get very interesting very fast.

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