That title is no joke.

Now that the streets of San Francisco are, literally (or should I spell it litter-ally) inundated with human feces – not to mention used needles and other drug-related paraphernalia – the city has instituted a “Poop Patrol” to clean it up.

Does that sound like San Francisco or a second-rate city in a third-world country?

Well, it isn’t.  The “Poop Patrol” directive comes from the, er, bowels of city government.

This is the city they wanted.  It must be, because San Francisco’s “leave them alone, we don’t want to be PC” policies are what brought it to its current state, with few defecations in the city council.

If you’re asking me, the people they hire should start with city hall.   I’d love to read the news articles on how much they’d collect.  It would be quite a scoop.

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  • Once great city had its own tv show The Streets of San Francisco. Now its another liberal paradise.

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