Over the weekend I blogged about I blogged about Glenn Greenwald’s excellent commentary regarding what a mistake Democrats make to continue going after President Trump and his people over their supposed collusion with Russia during last year’s presidential campaign.

In my opinion, their are three good reasons for Democrats to give this up and move on:

-One, of course, is that they have already gotten their mileage out of it.  Mainstream media jumped in with both feet, and millions of people now “know” that Trump & Co. conspired with Vladimir Putin & Co. to steal the election from Queen Hillary;

-A second is that there remains exactly no actual evidence that any such collusion took place.  The closest Democrats have come is to establish that several Trump people had contact with Russian officials….with the problem being that, during the same time period, numerous Democrats had contact with Russian officials as well.  In other words, a big, fat so what.

-And the third is that, since Democrats are hot and heavy into demanding Trump put up or shut up (with an apology) for claiming his offices were wiretapped during the campaign, some people, even among mainstream media (however grudgingly) are starting to question why it is OK to attack Trump on the wiretaps but not OK to attack Democrats on the collusion.

So we put on the Today Show this morning, and what is it featuring?  A major story which goes after President Trump on his wiretap claim, and then talks about how hearings regarding the Russian “collusion” – with the one guest commentator being Democrat/Hillary supporter Leon Panetta (how’s that for balance?).

Evidently, the Today Show folks haven’t gotten the message yet….

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