This is happening at lightning-fast speed.  So count on things to change as the day goes on.

As of now:

-Roseanne Barr tweeted that Black, Iranian-born Obama confidantValerie Jarrett was a mix of the Muslim brotherhood and Planet Of The Apes – thus being egregiously offensive to both Muslims and Blacks.

-Wanda Sykes, herself no stranger to racially  offensive rhetoric,  immediately quit as a writer and adviser on the show.

Barr, shortly thereafter, apologized for her repulsive tweet, apologized and deleted it.

-However, ABC, seizing on the opportunity to rid itself of the controversial Barr, summarily canceled her show.

Personally, I don’t blame the network one bit for doing so.

That is where we stand now.

It seems eminently clear that more, a lot more, will quickly follow – including people questioning why other network stars who have made offensive remarks in the past, did not get the same treatment as Barr.  (And they will have a very significant point.  More about this in subsequent blogs).

Stay tuned.

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