Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys and time for cheer
We’ve been good, but we can’t last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast:  The Chipmunk Song, by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

This is something I feared.

I hoped against hope that it would not be the case but, in the back of my mind, I knew it couldn’t last.  I knew he would revert to form.

Now that the election is over, Donald Trump, who Kellyanne Conway managed to rein in and keep on message during the campaign, is quickly reverting to the thin-skinned, immature whiner he was before she became his campaign manager.

In short, he’s Alvin…but without the likability.

We again have the ridiculous tweets, that attack people who Mr. Trump feels slighted by…which will take up just about all his waking hours if he allows it to.

We again have the angry “back at you” tweets (in this case, the claim, without any hard evidence to back it up, that without millions of illegal votes he would have won the popular vote) — which makes him look like a sore winner, is guaranteed to generate more negative media coverage, and will therefore require more angry tweets/verbal broadsides, which is guaranteed to generate more negative media coverage, which is…..

……get the picture?

Republicans nominated a thin-skinned loudmouth.  Democrats nominated an accomplishmentless, corrupt liar.  The country, by a slight margin, preferred the loudmouth over the liar.   And that is what we got.

The two things this shows us are that Donald Trump has not changed his spots, and that Kellyanne Conway is a miracle worker.

How I wish Trump gave as much of a damn about her advice now as he did during the campaign.


  • 1. Without any disincentives to fraudulent voting, it is highly probable that it is taking place.
    2. Voter ID is an absolute necessity. The US is the ONLY country that does not require this.
    3. In addition to signing the voting register, additional steps would ensure it is One-Person, One-Vote. Examples:
    o o o – Purple Ink on Finger
    o o o – Surveillance Video, coupled with Facial Recognition
    o o o – Record Finger Print when Signing Register
    4. Presently, in New Jersey, all you need do is tell them who you want to be, and if your name is on the voting rolls, and you haven’t voted yet…. you get to step into the booth and cast your vote. There is absolutely NO CONTROL over voter registration of people who move out of the state.

    • Zeke – I have no doubt that voter fraud is widespread. But it is a huge leap to claim that millions are voting illegally without offering any proof – no matter how likely Trump thinks it is to be true.

      Ironically, if Jill Stein somehow managed to get Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Michigan (Detroit) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia – especially Philadelphia) to conduct fully supervised hand counts, he just might wind up with the evidence I’m talking about. For the Democrats who think such a recount is a great idea, this may well wind up a classic “be careful of what you wish for” situation.

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