Most people, certainly among those of us who are interested in politics, know who Steve Bannon is.  Democrats and their media lapdogs our neutral mainstream media have told us endlessly that he is a nazi-esque anti-Semite.

The basis for this “knowledge” – other than a single comment about “whiny Jewish kids” he is alleged to have made by his former wife during an acrimonious divorce battle – with no one else around to hear it, thus entirely uncorroborated – is that he ran – which, we have relentlessly been told is an alt-right anti-Semitic enterprise.

The fact that was founded by a Andrew Breitbart, a Jew, is run by  CEO Larry Solov and Editor in Chief Alexander Marlowe, both Jews, and has major Jewish contributors such as Aaron Klein and Joe Pollak?  Irrelevant’n’immaterial.  Don’t step on the meme, please.

By this point, I am assuming that you realize the attacks on Bannon as an anti-Semite, like the attacks on Donald Trump, are absolute lies; inventions of pathetic partisan propagandists posing as journalists.

But wait.  Are there real “Steve Bannon” types out there?  Overtly anti-Semitic people either in office or running for office?

With that in mind, have you ever heard the name thomas lopez-pierre?

I would be happy to tell you about this Jew-hating sack of excrement myself.  But I’ll hand off to, via the following excerpts from Hank Berrien’s article:

A Manhattan City Council candidate running against New York Councilmember Mark Levine for the City Council’s District 7 seat is publicly displaying some of the most vitriolic and vicious anti-Semitic hatred in recent memory – and still being welcomed to Democratic Party organization events.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, 48, first tried for the Council seat in 2013, but even in 2012 he sent a series of emails calling Levine a “White/ Jewish candidate” and accusing him of trying “to sneak into office like a thief in the night.” By January 2013, Lopez-Pierre was emailing Brian Benjamin, a Democratic fundraiser who is black and supported Levine’s 2013 run.  Lopez-Pierre wrote that Benjamin was  an “uncle Tom [n-word] bitch,” for supporting Levine, adding, “[Harlem residents] know that you are a weak, little short man who sucks White/ Jewish cock.”

Even with his record of hatred, Lopez-Pierre joined Levine and a third District 7 candidate, Matthew Gros-Werter, at the Three Parks Independent Democratic Club on April 12, where he fulminated that “Jewish landlords” threatened communities of color while promising to “stop ethnic cleansing of black/ Hispanic tenants” in the district. He added,  “For almost 15 to 20 years, these Jewish landlords have been at the forefront at pushing black and Latino people out,” he said. “I think it’s hypocritical for the Jewish community and Jewish leaders to look the other way while black and Latino people are being pushed out of their communities to make room for white people.”

There’s more.  Much more.  But I assume you get the idea.

Now, tell me:  If a Republican candidate for office in New York City (which has the largest Jewish population of any city in the United States) made just one or two of the comments you just read – but was still welcomed as a member in good standing of the Republican Party – do you think you’d have heard about it by now?  Like maybe two seconds after media got their hands on it?

So what do we have here?  We have

-a Republican, Steve Bannon, called an anti-Semite based on absolutely nothing, being reamed for a year (and counting) for his “anti-Semitism, and

-a Democrat, thomas lopez-pierre, a stone cold anti-Semite based on massive overt, indisputable evidence, being ignored.

What does that tell you?

Plenty, I hope.

Oh, one last thing: was founded, in 2015, by Ben Shapiro – an observant Jew, and a former contributor to  Mr. Shapiro left after a falling-out with Steve Bannon….but has publicly stated that their differences had nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism.  His exact words:   “I have no evidence that Bannon’s a racist or that he’s an anti-Semite”.

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